What is Good Things?

👋 Hi, I’m Sam Tackeff.

Weekly Good Things came out of personal process I started more than two decades ago: every week I do a personal “Retro” for myself: each week I go over what worked well, what could be improved.

Good Things for:

  • Mental Health: one of the reasons I started writing weekly Good Things was as way to keep myself from spiraling from thinking about the chaos in the world. A way to ground myself in the here and now.

  • Joy: I’ve always had to be intentional about JOY. I call myself “an optimist who worries a lot”, and have cultivated a practice of identifying things that bring me happiness (warm buzz) and joy (high vibes!) on a regular basis, so on the days I don’t have energy to make decisions on what I’d like, I can trust “past me” to have my back.

  • Curiosity: the act of Good Things has helped me follow my curiosity – I’m passionate about people, ideas, and the way the mind works.

The practice of noting Good Things even during hard times is one of the things that consistently keeps me going.

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